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Windows Computerworld's Scot Finnie details 20 things you won't like in Windows Vista, with a visual tour to prove it. He says that MS has favored security over end-user productivity, making the user feel like a rat caught in a maze with all the protect-you-from-yourself password-entry and 'Continue' boxes required by the User Account Controls feature. "Business and home users will be nonplussed by the blizzard of protect-you-from-yourself password-entry and 'Continue' boxes required by the User Account Controls feature, for example." Update: Apparantly, Vista Beta 2 sucks up battery juice much faster than XP does.
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I am thinking that no matter what Microsoft or Vista does it simply will not be enough for most OS X or Linux users.

No matter how awesome Vista is, it still will be put down to death by ignorant users from the OS X or Linux crowds.

Very unfair comparision. Why not compare MacOS X to a Commodore 64.

That is why it makes me mad that almost everyone on here has an agenda to put down Microsoft or Vista because they try to find every little fault.

While TCP/IP speed sucks for OSX and the speed of the graphics even on Intel suck and the security is like eggshells everyone just ignores the problems here.

Oh and linux, don't even get me started by that patch up lack of standards, thrown together OS.

Horrible, just horrible. I am getting sick of kids in the basement who live with their parents trying to tell Microsoft how it should run it's bussiness.

I don't mind linux or MacOS, its the users I could do without. It's not like they are educated either, they are filled to the brim with a ton of ignorance.

There are somethings that Microsoft is fixing in their BETA (yes, I said BETA) OS. If you want to bitch, do it when it is released, otherwise STFU.

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