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Linux T2 SDE 2.2.0-RC has been released. "T2 SDE is not just a common Linux distribution - it is a flexible open source System Development Environment or Distribution Build Kit. T2 allows the creation of custom distributions with bleeding edge technology, up-to-date packages and integrated support for cross compilation. Currently the Linux kernel is normally used - but we are expanding to Minix, Hurd, OpenDarwin and OpenBSD - more to come." This new release adds, among many other things, support for Intel Macs.
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Re: sound familiar
by ferrix on Sun 4th Jun 2006 01:58 UTC
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Actually the first version was called Rock Linux, and it came *before* Gentoo. And T2 is a fork of Rock... in any case, even if Gentoo is there, does it mean there should be no other distros with similar ideas?

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