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Morphos In a comment on the blog, Pieter Van den Abeele wrote that Genesi will be releasing the Open Server Workstation, which will be based on the PowerPC 970 (G5) chip. The system is scheduled for release this month give or take a few weeks, and will cost $1599. Developers can also register for a free workstation.
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I can think of a few: Linux PPC, NetBSD and perhaps Solaris (yes, I wrote Solaris, no typo), once the PPC port does more than just booting. The latter would be awesome. A truly open platform and a truly open operating enviroment, which is also a first-class server OS. To be quite honest, however, Sparc is now an even more open CPU design.

On a different note: it is interesting that everybody in this thread was comparing the dual core G5 with the dual core Opteron. Just goes to show that Intel is missing (but not missed) at the top-server-CPU party. And when it comes to many CPU systems (BIG boxen), intel isn't tere, either: it's IBM Power, Sparc and.. umm... anyone? But Intel isn't invited there, either. How sad.

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