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Morphos In a comment on the blog, Pieter Van den Abeele wrote that Genesi will be releasing the Open Server Workstation, which will be based on the PowerPC 970 (G5) chip. The system is scheduled for release this month give or take a few weeks, and will cost $1599. Developers can also register for a free workstation.
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by bbrv on Sun 4th Jun 2006 10:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Re: Finally, for many"
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No, it is not and that is for a reason. We have set a high price intentionally to reduce the number of machines we are required to provide. We would rather people build their own, because that is what our customer base does. The software is here:

HMC=Home Media Center

About the OSW...

What will be different about this system will be the availability of the design itself. The OSW is more about than it is about a 2x970MP and CPC945 workstation. Genesi is not Dell. The OSW is not our attempt to enter into the broad market with an end user device that appeals to the masses. The objective is to set a foundation for the Power Architecture that is grounded in what is important to the development of that ecosystem. Here is what we said about that nearly six months ago:

To effectively spawn development and activity developers have to have machines. The situation looked/looks like this:

Or, more specifically:

This time we will take the design release farther than we did with the PegasosPPC, because we will have both IBM and supporting the process.

Finally, the machines will be priced at lower levels if not free to selected developers. The response to a $799 ODW trade-in poll was pretty positive:

We kept the poll open for a week. Of course, this Program is open too:

We have also had a good deal of interest in the EFIKA Projects too:

That is understandable given this board will be sold by at least on OEM soon for $99.


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