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Morphos In a comment on the blog, Pieter Van den Abeele wrote that Genesi will be releasing the Open Server Workstation, which will be based on the PowerPC 970 (G5) chip. The system is scheduled for release this month give or take a few weeks, and will cost $1599. Developers can also register for a free workstation.
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RE[4]: g5
by encia on Mon 5th Jun 2006 10:36 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: g5"
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>the PowerPC 970MP is arguably a more capable >processor than the Opteron

Depends on the application e.g. Cinebench X64 vs Cinebench MacOS X.

>gives you twice as many GPRs

Opteron delivers larger L1 cache.

>consumes less power,

One shouldn’t compare IBM’s "Typical" TDP to AMD’s max power TDP. Also factor in "Opteron HE".

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