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Gnome I enjoy using many different desktop environments and operating systems. On a day-to-day basis, I use Finder, Explorer, GNOME, and KDE. They all have their good sides, but obviously, they have their fair share of bad sides as well. The next couple of columns will be about the latter. This week, I take a look at whatever bothers me about Ubuntu's GNOME/Linux combination (Dapper, obviously).
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Of course, but if the developers dont know, how is it that the program can be fixed?

Car companies have millions to test their cars so that users dont need to file bugs. A majority of open source developers don't have any money for testing, nor extensive testing resources, so an analogy to a car, is hardly relevant.

By using an open source program, you're volunteering to be an upaid beta tester, because most developers simply cannot do so themselves, or do not receive sufficient testing during various pre-release stages.

Holwerda seems capable of posting about his problems on osnews, so I'm sure he's more than capable of posting a bug report - and as mentioned by his comment has has done so in the past and I commend him.

My other point still stands, Holwerda should not criticise those who are not responsible, configuration issues and such, are not something that should be blamed on the GNOME developers. Take the slow redraw as an example, that only occurs in the latest cairo iirc, ubuntu could well have shipped the version before and this issue would not have existed. And a bug in cairo isnt a bug in gnome... so the blame lies not on the gnome developers here, but elsewhere. Forgive me if it isnt cairo, it may have been gtk or gtk-engines that was responsible for this.

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