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Windows Microsoft plans to make several significant tweaks to the next beta of Windows Vista to make a key security feature less annoying to users. In response to widespread criticisms that the implementation of the UAC (User Account Control) feature triggers too many privilege elevation prompt pop-ups, the software maker will make changes in Windows Vista RC1.
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Critical Updates
by atsureki on Mon 5th Jun 2006 22:43 UTC
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People are annoyed with the beta for excessive prompting on mundane tasks, like deleting a shortcut, and the programmers are talking about letting users install updates without authorizing? This does not sound good. Updating changes system files. If Microsoft programs have a way to do it without permission, that just means there's a way to do it without permission. That's the first thing that should get a prompt. And if they mean "removing" as in actually un-patching the system... my mind is boggled.

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