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Gnome I enjoy using many different desktop environments and operating systems. On a day-to-day basis, I use Finder, Explorer, GNOME, and KDE. They all have their good sides, but obviously, they have their fair share of bad sides as well. The next couple of columns will be about the latter. This week, I take a look at whatever bothers me about Ubuntu's GNOME/Linux combination (Dapper, obviously).
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RE[4]: Jeff Waugh's response
by searly on Tue 6th Jun 2006 11:57 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Jeff Waugh's response"
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"It's a case of pretty obviously basic, broken stuff, fundamental to a desktop, being left in whilst people pretend that a Linux based desktop can be a very serious replacement for Windows or OS X"

Nobody is pretending, there are millions of Linux users for whom Linux based Desktops are a serious replacement, me included. I am Windows free (and Spyware/Virus free) since 2002. Now that does not mean that Linux / Gnome - KDE - [insert favourite DE here] does not have its flaws in certain areas and that certain things are broken. But if you notice Jeff's post does not argue that, in fact he agrees with most of the points Thom makes, and even goes further in some areas saying that he is surprised Thom has not picked up on.
However it is always a question of how one communicates these things and the attitude of the person doing it. Here a little quote from Thom's article.

"Speaking of panels, please, GNOME developers, get your act together and fix that abomination, that thing from outer space, that amateuristic, UI-law-breaking, general piece of crap you dare to call a 'taskbar'. The GNOME taskbar is so utterly flawed it really just isn't funny anymore-- all due to one, big, huge flaw that the GNOME developers are aware of: the taskbar entries' buttons change size, completely at will"

Not only is this extremely rude, it is also pretentious and arrogant. Something that Thom doesn't seem to have is basic respect for people. If i were a developer i certainly would not listen to anything Thom says if this is the tone he uses. Words like "get your act together" , "amateurish" "piece of crap" certainly will not motivate anybody in fixing anything, nor will the intended audience be disposed favourably towards anything Thom has to say, even if the content of what he says is right. The content was ok, however the packaging wasn't. Well at least we know why Thom stopped studying psychology, he doesn't seem to know a lot about it. All in all Jeff Waugh's response was extremely well balanced and restrained.

And now in Thom's own words:
Well Thom why don't you get "your act together" and sort out your "amateurish" writing or remove that "piece of crap" you call a column.

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