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Fedora Core "The Fedora Unity Project is proud to announce the release of DVD ISO Re-Spins of Fedora Core. These ISOs are based upon Fedora Core and contain all updates released as of the Re-Spin date. They are available for i386 and x86_64 architectures as of Wednesday, May 31st, 2006 via BitTorrent. The x86_64 Re-Spin is currently available for testing only."
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non-FC5 upstream updates?
by project_2501 on Tue 6th Jun 2006 13:37 UTC
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I read at distrowatch that this will contain upstream updates that are not part of FC5. The following taken from distrowatch weekly news:

" ... quite a few major applications were upgraded to newer upstream versions. These include the Linux kernel (upgraded to version 2.6.16), Beagle (0.2.6), Epiphany (2.14.1), Ethereal (0.99.0), Firefox (, GIMP (2.2.11), GNOME (2.14.1), K3B (0.12.14), KDE (3.5.2), MySQL (5.0.21) and PHP (5.1.4), just to mention a few popular ones. "

won't this break compatibility with applications which assume base versions are the same as FC5?

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