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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Windows 2003 Server is a more reliable server operating system than Linux, a research firm said Monday. According to the Yankee Group's annual server reliability survey, only Unix operating systems such as HP-UX and Sun Solaris 10 beat Windows on uptime. Windows 2003 Server, in fact, led the popular Red Hat Enterprise Linux with nearly 20 percent more annual uptime. The Yankee Group made a point of stressing that the survey was not sponsored or supported by any server OS maker.
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RE[2]: Yankee Group???
by Theophilos on Wed 7th Jun 2006 10:11 UTC in reply to "Yankee Group???"
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When you have negative credibility like Didio, you cannot just come around with some crazy allegations like "Windows more stable than Linux" without some real hard evidence for it. Black-box results are not going to cut it. In fact, even if they gave us the exact testing methodologies and were completely on the up-and-up, nobody would believe it unless a trusted third-party verified the results. That's what happens when you have negative credibility. The lesson: if you want people to take you seriously in the future, behave like a responsible researcher from the beginning.

It's sort of like what happens to scientists that fake reserach, except nobody ever forgives the scientists. We sort of expect that research groups and think tanks are going to lie out their butts in order to make money, but thre are limits.

Personally, I think Didio is past the point where anybody should believe anything from her. This isn't a case of shooting the messenger, this is a case of ignoring a habitual liar whose specialty in lying just happens to be in this very field. That's not so much a prejudice as it is "common sense". At some point, you have to filter out the whackos and the shills.

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