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Opera Software Opera Software today released the second upgrade to Opera 8. The new version, Opera 8.02, is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh and includes security upgrades and smaller bug fixes. Download & changelog.
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One more thing ...
by Anonymous on Wed 3rd Aug 2005 12:53 UTC
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Since we seem to have some knowledgeable Opera users here I will throw out this final (?) issue I have with Opera 8 behavior - this one started with Opera 7:

I load a page (usually a reload) with cached images only ... I find an image or two is missing (on a reload due to the page having been updated) ... I change to "Show images" and Opera proceeds to load the missing images (good) AND RELOAD ALL THE NON-MISSING IMAGES (bad).

This is obviously not helpful, given my intent. Is there some setting that causes Opera to just load JUST the missing images, a la Opera 3/4/5/6 behavior? Thanks again for the help given so far.

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