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Apple "Originally, I had never intended to write a follow-up to 'Why First Generation Apple Products Suck'. But after receiving exceptional feedback on my thoughts, I think I need to make few things clear. Many of you thought I was unfairly singling out Apple even though defective first generation products are a common occurrence across the technology sector software or hardware. Just to be clear, let's not mesh software and hardware together. Neither I nor anyone else should ever expect software to be perfect. On the opposite end, with hardware, it is possible to perfect the craft of developing tangible products, such as the iPod music player."
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RE[2]: Funny
by chr1skearney on Wed 7th Jun 2006 16:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Funny"
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Here is my problem MIKE.

I bought a 15 inch macbook pro, the left speaker was bad, so I returned it. The next macbook had a blown speaker as well, however this time it was with in spec.

The machine operates at unreasonbly high temps and it emits a very annoying high pitched squeeling sound.

Then I bought the iMac core duo. First one had 7 dead pixels on the screen. Returned it, the second one had an unevenly lit LCD. Returned it and the third one has an unevenly lit screen, however, its not as bad as the second one. I am simply too tired to go through another return process.

I started that site with a buddy of mine who recently purchased a macbook with a slew of problems. It runs so hot it has damaged the finish on his desk. Apple informed him that in their fine print, that they will not accept a return of a custom-order machine (more ram). He is SOL. Apple has a history of duping people into paying full retail price to beta test. Its utter BS.

I grew up in an Apple household. In fact, my father worked there from 1984 to 1993. I have always enjoyed apple products. Their QA department has the combined intelligence of my left foot. The only goal of is to possibly urge the restoration of the original Apple QA policies.

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