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Linux "In days gone by, the personification of Linux might have conjured up the image of a hotshot college kid full of half-baked ideas and sharp edges. But that college kid has now graduated into the business world, and unleashed his furious entrepreneurial spirit. Today, Linux has a sharper, more refined edge than before, and has branched out into private, public, enterprise and governmental sectors. Linux also spans all manner of hardware platforms, and serves an incredibly wide variety of purposes."
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its not that way for me with my gentoo system

(insert dvd)
mplayer dvd:// -ao alsa:device=headset
(finish dvd)
(hit eject button)
(take dvd out put on rack)

If a process is accessing the drive It won't eject, and you can find out which is attatched to it.

If you want to read files from it, I prefer manually mount'ing and umount'ing

For writing I don't have to mount
Different distros handle it differently
and of course my gentoo is custom to me

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