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Windows Microsoft has cut PC-to-PC synchronization from Vista. Vista Beta 2, which is slated to go to as many as two million testers, does not include the P2P synchronization technology. Microsoft officials said they cut the feature due to quality concerns, but the functionality is still "something we plan to deliver to our customers in the future," according to a company spokeswoman.
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No MS bashing, just facts!
by penguin7009 on Thu 8th Jun 2006 16:59 UTC
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There is no use bashing MS. MS has several problems which are known to exist.

1. Partnering with a company and then cutting their throats by implementing and MS version and sending the company into bankruptcy, Norton, Adobe? Business ethics aside.............

2. Trying to support legacy software. This is eventually going to have to stop if MS wants to improve Windows. No new operating system can be created if MS still has to support old programs. This could possibly be done like MAC? Just my $.02.


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