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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's no secret: Nokia is after Blackberry's thunder in the enterprise with their latest E series, and especially via the E61 model. Hi-Mobile sent us in an E61 unit for the purposes of this review. Dig in for information, a video and lots of screenshots from the latest 'S60 3rd Edition' Symbian v9.1 OS.
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my experiences with E60
by kloty on Thu 8th Jun 2006 21:34 UTC
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two weeks ago I bought Nokia E60, quite the same phone but without keyboard. I bought it mainly because I was astonished by the possibility to make VoIP calls over WLAN, and wanted to have good multimedia phone and a PDA replacement. I was so dissapointed by the device that I wanted to return it back, which hasn't been possible yet (more on this below).

First I had really hard time till I could connect the device to internet. THe problem is that my neighbours WLAN access point is only allowed to connect devices, whose MAC adress is explicitely unlocked. Usually the access point (Netgear) automaticly detects the MAC adress of the devices, so it is quite simple to unlock it. It did not work with E60, so I had to search for its MAC adress (some undocumented combination of keys).

Then the surfing experience isn't that great. The browser is good, but the connection isn't. It breaks down very often, so komplex sites do not load completely. I had a feeling like browsing with 28k modem and not with 6Mbit DSL. Then another dissapointment was that although RealPlayer is included, it does not support streaming media, so no internet radio (or only with third party software). And the biggest minus is that VoIP does only work under very certain circumstances, so it's quite useless for me.

For me the battery time was absolutely not satisfying. With very modest usage I had to recharge it every second day. I'm traveling quite a lot and I don't want to take the recharger every time with me. If there were a possibility to switch of WLAN completely, if there is no need for it, it surely would save a lot of power.

I have an Ibook without Bluetooth and I though I knew that I cannot synchronize E60 over USB, I hoped MacOSX would recognize it as flash memory, so I would be able to push some files on the MMC. No way. So I have to buy extra Bluetooth stick for my IBook to send 1 GByte of MP3 to the E60. Anyone knows how many hours I have to wait?

So I wanted to return the phone back, because it did not fullfill my expectations. I used it for one week and carried it in my jeans pocket (without keys, coins or other metal stuff). After one week I had scratches on the metal surface, so I could not return it. There are no official ways to get a new tray, only on Ebay I could order one and hope it will be here on time before the return period is over.

So this was my last Nokia for sure.


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