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Privacy, Security, Encryption The European mandatory access control solution, RSBAC 1.2.7 has been released, featuring the usual bugfixes, new kthread notification code, and GCC-4 support. It is interesting to note that there is an Apache module available now for RSBAC, replacing SuExec functionality, with a higher security level and more important, no performance loss.
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RSBAC and distro support
by darkmind on Fri 9th Jun 2006 13:58 UTC
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Whereas I know that RSBAC is use in Mandriva ( instead of SELinux ), I don't know if there's other distro using it. Does someone know others distro using RSBAC ?

BTW does people could point me out to complete HOWTO ( or step-by-step guide ) ? docs on RSBACwebsite are ... succint

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