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Internet & Networking "What ever happened to the virtual reality, 3D world of the web? Back in the late 90s, all the hype was about VRML - Virtual Reality Markup Language - which would turn the web into an immersive environment that you'd maneuver around to get to the information you wanted. We're here to tell you that the reports of the 3D web's death are greatly exaggerated. As evidence, we present three 3D browsers that will use that graphics card for something other than gaming: 3B, Browse3D, and SphereXPlorer."
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RE: Eye Candy but not practical
by Worldbuilder on Sat 10th Jun 2006 20:12 UTC in reply to "Eye Candy but not practical"
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i think it failed back then because of the lack of broadband connections for the typical web users. now with xdsl widely available it could gain more acceptance

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