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Apple Last week's column was basically a rant about things that bothered me about Ubuntu's GNOME/Linux combination. Besides the usual 'I do not experience the problems you have, so you must be an anti-GNOME troll!' and of the course the ever-present 'How on earth can you complain about Free software!', it did what is was supposed to do: bring problems under developer's direct attention (for instance, Evolution's UI maintainer emailed me, asking for more clarification). Now it's Apple's turn. Here is a list of problems I find the most annoying about Apple's Mac/MacOS.
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by csynt on Sun 11th Jun 2006 05:09 UTC
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seems a "beta" application.. I am wonder WHY still sucks, you cannot resize the windows like other OSs , you have to use the lower right corner only..

Also the biggest crap is the file selector (that called by the applications) YOU cannot rename/delete etc...
you have to go back to "finder" in order to perform these tasks...

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