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OSNews, Generic OSes HelenOS 0.2.0 has been released. "This release fixes many bugs and adds new functionality both to the kernel and userspace. The kernel now supports graceful task cleanup and the userspace layer was extended with framebuffer and console services. We also ported BSD tetris to demonstrate userspace capabilities of HelenOS. This is the first release with official documentation.".
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RE[3]: I gave it a shot
by jermar on Mon 12th Jun 2006 14:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I gave it a shot"
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Thanks for testing!
What you describe is the current userspace functionality except that the console binding is done on demand. Unfortunatelly, things that do most of the work are not visible (kernel and the userspace device drivers). We addded tetris and libpci so that people can see that HelenOS is kind of compatible with the rest of the world and actually does something. Note that you can switch back to the kernel console by pressing F12 and investigate the system a bit. Looking forward to hearing from you on the mailing list.

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