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Windows Microsoft has taken another step in its effort to bring Windows in the world of supercomputing, having finished development of its computer cluster operating system. It has finalized the code for Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, which is designed to allow multiple servers to work together to handle high-performance computing (HPC) tasks. Such work, long handled by systems from SGI and Cray, has increasingly been tackled by Linux clusters, though Microsoft has been planning its entry for some time.
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RE[5]: Not gonna work.
by billnvd on Mon 12th Jun 2006 23:51 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Not gonna work."
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Unless you are using some nonstandard definition of "headless"?

To me, Headless means no VIDEO CARD, no mouse, no keyboard. My "Headless" servers have a NIC, a RAID card and hard drives. If it needs a video card, it is not headless.

As I don't know if windows(any version) can run without a video card, I will not state that it cannot. I am not aware that it can however.

If you think a video card is cheap, try a 1,000 node cluster with 20 dollar video cards. $20k better spent on more memory, more storage, more nodes. Not to mention that's 1,000 video card drivers. God knows video card drivers never cause a problem.

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