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Google Google has released a beta version of Google Earth 4, which runs on all the three major platforms. "We got so excited around here about the first anniversary of Google Earth that we decided to celebrate a bit early. Beginning today, you can download a brand new version, Google Earth 4. Running on OS X? Feel the love. Prefer Linux? Ditto. Yes, we're releasing simultaneously for PC, Mac (universal binary for full performance on both Intel and PowerPC based Macs) and for the first time ever, native support for popular Linux distributions." They have also seriously increased the amount of high-res images, so that now about 20% of the world's landmass is in high-res. Including my hometown, Warmenhuizen [.kmz].
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RE[2]: Works Great
by Noremacam on Tue 13th Jun 2006 21:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Works Great"
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I haven't tried it with SUSE 10.1 *yet*. I'm currently running ubuntu dapper, with the latest quinn debs and cvs's of XGL from The updated XGL makes a huge performance difference on my nvidia card, for anyone who's interested in trying it.

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