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Windows More than 60 percent of compromised Windows PCs scanned by Microsoft's Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool between January 2005 and March 2006 were found to be running malicious bot software, the company said. The tool removed at least one version of the remote-control software from about 3.5 million PCs, it added. That's compared with an overall 5.7 million machines with infections overall. "Backdoor Trojans [...] are a significant and tangible threat to Windows users," Microsoft said in the report.
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RE[5]: Computer license
by NiceGuyEddie on Tue 13th Jun 2006 22:00 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Computer license"
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Concerning mission critical systems: the British navy chose Windows 2000 as the OS on which to run their Type 45 Destroyer combat management system!

A group of BAE engineers who wanted to implement a UN*X alternative were quoted as saying Windows was not even warranted by Microsoft for safety-related use (so this might support your memory of the Windows AUP).

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