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Mac OS X "Each release of Mac OS X has brought increased support of 'Universal Access' for users with disabilities. Universal Access is Apple's collective name for the Mac OS X technologies, features, and components that provide users with disabilities with access to Macintosh computers. For Mac developers, making applications accessible to this audience is the smart thing to do, and it's easier now than ever before. This article will teach you how to fully implement support for accessibility through the VoiceOver interface in your Carbon application."
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What about??
by Damien on Wed 14th Jun 2006 01:40 UTC
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You know, for a company that promotes their accessibility features they sure have <em>really aweful</em> support for controlling the UI via keyboard and it seems to have gotten <em>worse</em> from Panther to Tiger. Come on Apple, do the right thing, us geeks are faster at our work with keyboard shortcuts & navigation!

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