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Humor Sometimes, while browsing the net for news, I come accross things I just cannot not post. "Some enterprising Austrian Über-geeks [have created] a Telnet stream with, believe it or not, live ASCII footage of matches being played [at the World Cup Football]. Simply fire up a command prompt and type 'telnet 2006' and you'll find a live 'video' stream from 10 minutes before kick-off (or should that be boot-up?)." I also look forward to the Wimbledon version that resembles Pong.
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In the rest of the world football == soccer.

In Denmark the word is "fodbold".

If we're talking about american football (aka perverted rugby), the word we use is "amerikansk football". Because your football isn't football.

According to Wikipedia soccer is known as football outside the US, and the US is only one nation of hundreds.

Besides that football did exist long before 1863. 1863 is the year of the official beginning. Football as a game have existed for several centuries (the same goes for hockey). Spelling and rules have changed through the years, and keeps changing, but the fact is that football as we know it (outside USA) is centuries old.

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