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Humor Sometimes, while browsing the net for news, I come accross things I just cannot not post. "Some enterprising Austrian Über-geeks [have created] a Telnet stream with, believe it or not, live ASCII footage of matches being played [at the World Cup Football]. Simply fire up a command prompt and type 'telnet 2006' and you'll find a live 'video' stream from 10 minutes before kick-off (or should that be boot-up?)." I also look forward to the Wimbledon version that resembles Pong.
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RE[3]: A reason to watch soccer
by PowerMacX on Wed 14th Jun 2006 02:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: A reason to watch soccer"
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Not to be a dick but it's time for a reality check. According to wikipedia, modern SOCCER came around 1863. Footbal (the real kind, not guys in shorts) around 1869. That's six years difference, hardly "well before".

Check your "facts". ;)

"SOCCER" was derived from "Association Football", which was shortened to Assoc. in common use and derived into "Soccer". So:
1st. Football
2nd. Association Football
3rd. Assoc.
4th. Soccer

Going by popularity alone, I think the rugby ripoff won easily.
In the USA, sure. Elsewhere, are you kidding?

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