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Linux "Not that long ago, a significant portion of desktop GNU/Linux enthusiasts were actively advocating GNU/Linux among Windows users. I even remember doing it myself at one point, though now I really don't care what you use on your computer as long as I don't have to use it too. I thought that sentiment was isolated to me, but lately I've seen an abrupt decline in GNU/Linux evangelism on online forums. Here are some possible reasons for this change in community thinking and behavior."
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by quenturi on Wed 14th Jun 2006 10:57 UTC
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2006-04-10 is in many ways equal or superior to Microsoft Office

OpenOffice is certainly growing up but 'in many ways' does not mean necessarily in 'my' way. I know lot of people tired of its relative sluggish behaviour and its results quite variable when importing Word or Excel docs. In that case, 'tired' means : back to MS Office.

High-end users have little trouble moving to GNU/Linux

AFAIK Windows and Mac don't generate much 'high-end users'. They do generate tons of users who have troubles to find their documents and know very well how to click here and there. That's about it.
Those people are in no way ready to land on Linux ground whatever distro you can think of. They are not encouraged to 'think' but 'use'. They are made dependant of the technology they use.

About the trolls he forgot to mention people answering posts of users lost in open source world with the famous : 'Read the f--king Doc' lol

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