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Mac OS X "Apple extended the courtesy of meeting with me one day after my column on the closing of the OS X x86 kernel source code was published online. To sum up Apple's objections, they felt I had given a year-old story a fresh coat of paint and sensationalized it for an audience that wasn't affected by it. Yet no story is more timely, or more broadly relevant, than this one." Tom Yager, who raised concerns over the closed-source Intel half of the MacOS, details why he was so concerned. "The kernel will open up again, this tempest will fade away, and I'll be glad for it. What will continue to concern me so deeply is that Apple thought it would be OK, that nobody would notice or care." Note: The 2nd link was incorrect, it is fixed now. Excusez-moi.
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And hypersensitivity is...
by cr8dle2grave on Wed 14th Jun 2006 19:32 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Champions of hype"
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2005-07-11 a cancer consuming the body of popular discourse.

You're actually threatening people for using an extremely common figure of speech?

Now perhaps you've got very good personal reasons for being sensitive about this subject. That's understandable, and were we friends having a beer together, good taste and common decency would dictate that I pay heed to that fact and curb my speech so as to not offend. But we're not friends and this isn't a chat at the pub. This is a public forum (although privately owned) and expecting people to curb their public speech so as to minimize all possible offense is absurd and utterly unreasonable. All most everything is potentially offensive to someone.

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