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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y This paper tries to compare Linux vs. Solaris. Its author comes to many conclusions, among which this is one of the more interesting: "All-in-all Solaris is a powerful, stable, conformant-to-standards OS that can run many open source applications as well as Linux, and some (mainly multithreaded applications) better than Linux. Like in the cases of Red Hat and Suse, the cost of support is extra, but it is more reasonably priced. Security patches are free which makes Solaris similar to Windows."
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RE: F. U. D.
by smashIt on Thu 15th Jun 2006 00:28 UTC in reply to "F. U. D."
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That's funny because Linux can scale from 1 to more than 1000 CPUs.

as far as i know the 100cpu solaris is smp and the 1000cpu linux is numa (or should i say was numa, as sgi will fade away). i don't think linux scales as well as solaris in a smp-setup

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