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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "With the introduction of Solaris 10 and the dynamic tracing facility (DTRACE), the ability to dynamically instrument a system and solve complex problems is a D script (D is the language used by DTRACE) away. Several extremely useful D scripts have emerged, so I thought I would share my ten favorite DTRACE scripts with the OSNews community."
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RE[3]: Is there some sort of GUI for it?
by djame on Thu 4th Aug 2005 00:53 UTC
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you're kidding but in my former place, it was what they did to justify their overpriced bill to their client....

some guys want some stuff and the only solution was :
let's build a webapps running j2ee with some servlets and a bunch of dedicated developer : it will be done in 3 months and we can garantee after 6 months...

seriously, I couldn't imagine it worked that way in the ITT industry....

j2ee, jsp, tomcat and 36 man/months was the answer to every solution........

I hope they'll burn in hell

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