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Humor Sometimes, while browsing the net for news, I come accross things I just cannot not post. "Some enterprising Austrian Über-geeks [have created] a Telnet stream with, believe it or not, live ASCII footage of matches being played [at the World Cup Football]. Simply fire up a command prompt and type 'telnet 2006' and you'll find a live 'video' stream from 10 minutes before kick-off (or should that be boot-up?)." I also look forward to the Wimbledon version that resembles Pong.
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Well since you ignored half of my post, I'll do the same for you and start from the middle.

"In any case, that doesn't change anything from the main issue: the whole world except two countries calls it Football, so that's what its name is. The sport you refer to is American Football, period."

Ummm no, the whole world doesn't call it football, and even if they did it wouldn't make it right. A few extremely arrogant asshats on this forum decided to start this whole mess. I just corrected it. period.

"Now tell me, I'm curious, how long have you used insulting people on Internet forums as a substitute for having sex with a woman? Seems like it's been quite a while...I guess you probably don't remember how it goes. Why don't you do yourself a favor and go find out right now?"

Gotta love this one. Fortunately some of us are adults and no longer live in mommies basement, moved out, got married. You know the drill, or maybe you don't. I could care less. Now, if you would look at my past posting history you would see that, no, I don't make a habit of insulting people on this forum. I simply corrected a mistake and was outright attacked by a group of idiots who can't look up the word soccer in a f--king dictionary. If it makes you feel happy to mod me down, go for it, I really don't give a shit. My life does not revolve around moderation from a two bit forum.

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