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SuSE, openSUSE Microsoft's delay with the release of Windows Vista has left enough wiggle room for other players to pursue the desktop operating system market. An old Microsoft rival, Novell, is angling to seize the day with the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, a desktop OS geared to beat Vista in cost, manageability and features.
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To paraphrase...
by sean batten on Thu 15th Jun 2006 07:08 UTC
sean batten
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..."It's the applications, stupid!"

Linux is a great server OS, but when it comes to the desktop it's in a distance third place to Windows and OSX. Sure there are some good applications and suites like OpenOffice and and Gimp, but they're not in the same league as MS Offics and Photoshop (for example). The only desktop app I can think of that beats its MS counterpart is Firefox, but since it runs on Windows as well it's not really an issue :-)

The big problem for desktop Linux is that a lot of the applications are written by people who think it's acceptable to have to edit configuration files in vi in order to get something to work. This hacker mentality if fine in the server world because the server end user is more technically advanced then the desktop end user. I've seen posts where Linux advocates mock non-technical desktop users. This just closes the loop and brings everything back to square one!

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