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OSNews, Generic OSes A few months ago, VMware released a free version of its desktop virtualization software, VMware Player. It's a great application for running a second operating system on your desktop; the only problem is you can't create new virtual images using VMware Player. With a little work, however, you can use VMware Player to create guest operating systems.
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Workstation better for development
by TechGeek on Thu 15th Jun 2006 14:37 UTC
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One of the main reasons for using Workstation is the use of cloning. Cloning allows you to have many virtual machines based on a base image without taking up a huge amount of disk space. For instance, You could have a base image of WinXP without patches. Then clone it and add patches. Then have a third clone with other software installed. With player you would have to have 4 full copies of the virtual machine. Clones only take up space beyond what you use from the base image. Plus clones can be merged and back tracked. VEry cool stuff if you are doing development.

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