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NetBSD "Network attached storage has been known to Unix users for a very long time with NFS. NFS is reliable, performs well on the performance front, but it is infamous for its security. The biggest problem with NFS is that the client is responsible for controlling user file access. The NFS server just accepts file system operations on behalf of a given UID and enforces nearly no control. NFS require you trust your clients, something that may not be adequate. Andrew File System is an alternative network file system. In this interview, I ask Ty Sarna about his experience with AFS. Ty Sarna has been an AFS user since 1992 and is a NetBSD developer since 1998."
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It sure is different
by JacobMunoz on Thu 15th Jun 2006 17:01 UTC
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I've been working with AFS for almost a year, and after the initial setup - it really is a nice system. My only peeves are with the Mac 'Finder' integration with the system, as there still seem to be some minor issues. Sometimes it appears that Finder is 'lost' and hangs somewhat fatally. It's not often, but if your credentials don't allow you to enter a folder you can get into some minor trouble getting items to display again in the Finder windows. I know there are extra file permissions (I believe there are 8 (a-h) custom attributes, four directory permissions, and three normal Unix ones (rwx)) and some of these don't seem to be available in Finder as of yet (not that they do in any gui as far as I know), so there is some integration compatability to be done. It does get implemented somewhat differently on platforms (like Windows which assignes a drive letter to it, versus Mac and Linux which mount it at /afs) so it's not completely universal - but I doubt there's a happy way to avoid drive letters in Windows, so that's only a minor difference. Give this system a little more time to incorporate better platform integration and it could get some real heavy public use (which I hope wouldn't be too detramental to the server system).

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