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General Development In in Part 1 of this series, you'll learn how to use the LDAP Tools for Eclipse to configure Geronimo's built-in Apache Directory LDAP server. In Part 2 you'll query the LDAP server and update the Web page using Ajax. You'll also get familiar with some of the techniques to build LDAP-centric applications using the toolsets available in the Java platform and Ajax.
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Excelent Tutorial
by d3vi1 on Thu 15th Jun 2006 22:40 UTC
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Although I am trying to acomplish the same thing using FDS and PHP, it also showed me how a lot of things are done in an enterprise platform. I've got most of them right, and quite a few wrong.
The real pain with J2EE is the incredibly steep learning curve. I find Eclipse to be an excelent IDE though. Most of the guides for J2EE that I can find, either treat the reader like a complete moron, or expect you to be an ASP programmer. I find this to be a bit sad.
I hope that one day I'll have the time to look into the whole J2EE thing. It seems like a complete chaos from the outside. Take Tomcat, after having to configure a few tomcat servers I've mostly understood what it's all about, but, as with most Java things it's a real pain to understand. Some guides start explaining everything about J2EE, and as an administrator, it's not very usefull and it's very time-consuming, others are just copy+paste, but they apply only to a specific case (usually not mine). With PHP I just started coding and that was it. I can easily understand the language and the API but is there anyone overthere that can take all the elements of a Java Enterprise Stack and explain what they are? How is a novice Java programmer, suposed to understand that he needs Xalan/Xerces/OtherFunkyName unless someone explains what they are?

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