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Linux "On June 15, Bill Gates announced that he would be retiring from Microsoft in July 2008, and everything changed. It may be two years away, but when a giant the size of Gates moves, the world moves with him. And, in that movement, in this period of change, Linux may have its best chance ever to seize the marketplace momentum from Microsoft."
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um, no
by pjjmartin on Fri 16th Jun 2006 14:53 UTC
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It seems that any time a major figure in the closed software world so much as farts, it's hailed as "a great opportunity for Linux."

If Gates were starting his own Linux distro, that would be a great opportunity. He's not. He's just cuttting back on his time there. Also he hasn't been "at the helm"; Steve Ballmer has been CEO for a few years now.

Linux has its own strengths that made it a good piece of software. But all this desktop talk is too distracting from those strengths.

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