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Linux "On June 15, Bill Gates announced that he would be retiring from Microsoft in July 2008, and everything changed. It may be two years away, but when a giant the size of Gates moves, the world moves with him. And, in that movement, in this period of change, Linux may have its best chance ever to seize the marketplace momentum from Microsoft."
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All this hubbub`
by Shadowmane on Fri 16th Jun 2006 18:04 UTC
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As a Linux user, I don't care what happens at Microsoft. If Gates is going into semi-retirement, more power to him. He's not been the driving force behind Microsoft for a few years. He's just been a figurehead. I switched to Linux because its a better product for ME. For some people, constantly tinkering with their operating system just don't float their boat, and I admit, I sometimes get frustrated myself, but I switched because I was tired of constantly being hacked and I was tired of having to reboot every day. As far as Microsoft is concerned, they're not going away, and no amount of dreaming from the Linux community will change that. I believe Linux will someday gain enough market share to be a competitor to Microsoft, and I believe the same will happen to Mac. Instead of a two way race, I think parity will eventually be reached. Bill Gates will go down in history as a mover and shaker in the business and the computer world. There's no denying that. Now, in two years, his company will go on without his direct imput (as many other companies in history have... Dell comes to mind).

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