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PC-BSD PC-BSD has just released their roadmap en route to PC-BSD 2.0. They want to focus on making the PC-BSD specific tools integrate better with the rest of KDE, while also doing a lot fo work on the installer. The team also released a list of open volunteer positions for those willing to help.
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We need to know our goals.
by antik on Fri 16th Jun 2006 21:51 UTC
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With FreeBSD as solid base we can work more in usability front. Instead of inventing another wheel we decided to contribute to existing networking configurator from DesktopBSD tools. Main goal is to squeeze out as many bugs we can find in KDE and build healthy community around PC-BSD. Anyone can contribute with bugreports and fresh ideas. There is no dictatorship but we need to know our goals. With more users in FreeBSD based operating system we can help FreeBSD to polish this excellent server OS to suit desktop users needs.

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