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Windows Microsoft senior vice president Bob Muglia opened up TechEd 2006 in Boston Sunday evening by proclaiming that Windows Vista was the most secure operating system in the industry. But a bold statement can only go so far, and much of this week's conference has been spent reinforcing that point.
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RE[3]: Not the most secure OS
by BluenoseJake on Sat 17th Jun 2006 04:00 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Not the most secure OS"
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"SELinux is not ACLS, it is Mandatory Access Control. Windows has never had Mandatory Access Control or anything similar to it. Modern filesystems such as ext3 support acls when mounted with the correct options and acls are set using commands like setfacl. "

What is the point of that statement? NTFS supports ACLs, you even say it yourself. Using wikipedia for your sources is not adding any credibilty to your arguments either. NTFS supports ACLs when running under NT/2k/2k3 and XP Pro. I can use ACLs to define what directories a user or group have access to. I can define group policy that says what a user can run and not run, where they can log in from (local or network) and how much access to system settings and configuration, just like in unix.

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