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Apple Many people who have called Apple to complain about excessive heat coming from their newly purchased computers have been told that the MacBook and the MacBook Pro are in fact Notebook computers and not Laptop computers. This article details why they are totally full of it.
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Core vs. External temp...
by marbiol on Sun 18th Jun 2006 06:28 UTC
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What I would like to see is a decent survey of EXTERNAL temperatures rather than see a lot of potentially unreliable (and not particularly relevant) core temperature readings.

The core temperature doesn't necessarily translate to a specific external temperature - that depends on the efficiency of the cooling system.

So please, if you want to complain, and be taken seriously, document the core and external temperatures and then have both of those figures to present as proof of your claims...

(i'm not a fanboy - I just don't like seeing any product get bashed to hell and back without decent proof...)

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