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KDE This is the 3rd installment in my series on deficiencies in common desktop environments. After GNOME and the Mac/MacOS, it is now KDE's turn. As with the other installments, this is a rant. Beware.
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RE: mhm
by Ascay on Sun 18th Jun 2006 15:39 UTC in reply to "mhm"
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> 4) Adept is to me a way better package manager than
> Synaptic, the tags stuff, ok, I don't know what it is,
> but for the rest it's way more usefull, I prefer the
> adept tools above the synaptic-add/remove stuff... but
> that's personal probably.

I guess he just meant the extremely cluttered interface that doesn't even remember that I hid the options I never use (e.g. the tags). I prefer Synaptic on KDE too.

> 6)Lock toolbar is available in Kubuntu, richt click
> on kicker and there's an option: lock the toolbar,

But that locks everything. You can't even add a new icon to the toolbar. :/

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