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KDE This is the 3rd installment in my series on deficiencies in common desktop environments. After GNOME and the Mac/MacOS, it is now KDE's turn. As with the other installments, this is a rant. Beware.
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RE[5]: The "K" names suck
by Ponto on Sun 18th Jun 2006 22:18 UTC
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No he didn't say that. You don't only look at an apps name when you launch it, you also look at it in the taskbar, in the titlebar etc. And especially for new users it's important to have app names which actually tell you what this app is doing.

For a lot of applications you do not see the name in the taskbar and titlebar because the names are the last part of the title. As far as I know this holds for most document oriented applications.

Konsole starts with the current prompt then the name of the current session and finally its name.

Kate starts with the document and finishes with its name. Same for kword and other koffice applications.

Konqueror starts with the current path or the title of the visied webpage and finishes with its name. BTW, lonqueror is the only browser I know that has no inferiority complex and uses the favicon of the website instead of its own in the title and taskbar.

Kmail starts with the current folder that is followed by the apps name.

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