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General Development "Alky is a tool that allows you to convert a Windows executable to a Mac OS X or Linux binary. We are focused on high-end gaming at the moment, though we will support other applications in the future. Our binary translation layer is already working fully for OS X and Linux support is in progress. Of course, Windows applications use a very different set of libraries from Linux or OS X applications so we are also working on a library called LibAlky that will provide those Windows libraries to the application." One of the project's members is Cody Brocious, one of the developers behind PyMusique.
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Serious Hacking
by werfu on Mon 19th Jun 2006 13:40 UTC
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Actualy this can be done, but this is serious hacking... crazy as hell. I think this could rock the whole world if it ever get to work...

Still it represent a lot of debuging and disassembling. Imagine tracing value in some apps that you don't even have the code. This will be a severe pain in their arse. Still, this could be very interesting for some video game company who could write portable game for very cheap and to many other plateform, not only Mac OS X and Linux. Imagine the transformation layer could be done for a GameCube or a Xbox. I guest those guys could get a lot of help from majors if they get the attention.

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