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Opera Software Opera 9.0 has been released. The new features in this major release include BitTorrent support, content blocking, tab preview, widgets (small desktop applets), and a source viewer, among others. Update: First impressions.
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Opera's bitTorrent client
by dcga on Tue 20th Jun 2006 12:08 UTC
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While I usually love all the features Opera includes in its releases, the bitTorrent client included just blows my..... well, you can imagine.
Some will say simplicity is bliss, but damn it man, not a single option on the bitTorrent client??

I guess even with that THING included, Opera will still be my browser. I will just keep using uTorrent for my torrents, thanks very much...

Now return to World Cup mode and enjoy some beautiful FOOTBALL :-) (you know, the one that you play with your FOOT and a BALL)

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