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ReactOS ReactOS 0.3.0 RC1 has been released. Get it from the download page; the changelog doesn't seem up yet, so no information on any improvements. As for the code audit, it is at 90.5% complete. Read the associated Wiki page for more information.
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Re: "a waste of time" statement the following questions:

1. Why would I buy a proprietary O.S. that I have to be 1 copy for each machine when I could get an open source version I could copy to *any* computer in my household?
2. Why would I want MS to dictate to me how I use my legal freedom with MP3, etc. I don't have Sony breathing down my back everytime I record a TV show on my VCR?
3. Why would I want WinFS when there is/will be better implementations of a FS than WinFS-ReactOS, being an Open source project can/will be able to take advantage of such a filesystem?

Making a (possibibly) better functioning/more versatile version of Windows than windows? Doesn't sound like a wast of time to me

Just my $.02 ;-)

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