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Novell and Ximian According to a Novell confidential memo dated June 14, Novell is delaying its next release of both the server and desktop versions of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 "to address final issues with our new package management, registration, and update system and also fix the remaining blocker defects."
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RE[7]: Good
by slate on Tue 20th Jun 2006 18:53 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Good"
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Linux market share appears to be above 4% (at least outside USA).

Since you zealot fanboys are incapable of anything exxcept living in your little fantasy worlds, we'll call it 2-2.5% as the most realistic figure.

"Cracksmoking moron"? I might be a moron, but I don't smoke crack. Anyway, calling people names is quite offensive, wouldn't you say so?

To say that XP wasn't supposed to happen or something is just so laughable. But you and the other clowns around here live in your little osnews circle jerk fantasy worlds.

It may be XP mustn't be so bad, but could it be that most persons don't know better, and just use whatever is preinstalled on the pc? And could it be that resellers have to pay a higher price for Windows if they don't preinstall on the pc's they sell?

Oh, the old "god, look at me I put in a Ubuntu CD and I'm so smart. If only Linux was pre-installed". Can't you clowns come up with new material, or are you so brain dead you have to regurgitate the same crackhead nonsense everyday?

When Windows98 was new it took quite a market share, and it wasn't because it was the best desktop OS at that time.

NT would have been a better desktop. OS9 didn't even have pre-emptive multitasking and was a complete joke. Linux was still nowhere close to being desktop worthy.

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