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PC-BSD PC-BSD 1.11 has been released. Major changes: updated installed ports to current versions as of 6-12-06; updated KDE to 3.5.3 (more than 800 bugs fixed compared to 3.5.2); added additional DRM video drivers to default kernel, 3D/DRI support for Intel 3D, Voodoo, ATI, S3, SiS, Matrox, etc.; and much more. Get it from the download page (update or complete .iso), read the changelog, or read the release notes.
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by Hamman on Tue 20th Jun 2006 19:59 UTC
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PC-BSD is a very impressive system. The development pace is quick, and the pbi-system is the easiest way to install software on any free *nix-system. No worrying about dependecies and no messing around with worthless package management GUIs. Just click a .pbi-file and wait for it to finnish. To remove it, there's a very simple uninstall wizard(you could just remove the folder in /usr/local/MyPrograms, but that would leave the shortcuts on the desktop/in the k-menu).
Since package management probably is the most frustrating part about running Linux/BSD as a desktop OS, PC-BSD is a much needed step forward(come on, we've all faced the horror of incompatible library versions and unreliable third-party repositories).
They're also trying to improve in other areas(such as graphical tools and font rendering). If they do, and more software gets turned into PBIs, I'll consider using a free *nix on my workstation again.

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