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PC-BSD PC-BSD 1.11 has been released. Major changes: updated installed ports to current versions as of 6-12-06; updated KDE to 3.5.3 (more than 800 bugs fixed compared to 3.5.2); added additional DRM video drivers to default kernel, 3D/DRI support for Intel 3D, Voodoo, ATI, S3, SiS, Matrox, etc.; and much more. Get it from the download page (update or complete .iso), read the changelog, or read the release notes.
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held back
by kill on Wed 21st Jun 2006 02:51 UTC
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I held back on PC-BSD because of .pbi. Being used to normal FreeBSD on the server, I kinda trust the ports. If DesktopBSD can't bring themselves up to the 6.x series soon, I might have to seriosly start considering PC-BSD. It seems these folks are faster in development.

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