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IBM "IBM and the Georgia Institute of Technology announced today that their researchers have demonstrated the first silicon-based chip capable of operating at frequencies above 500 GHz - 500 billion cycles per second - by cryogenically 'freezing' the chip to 451 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (4.5 Kelvins)." Now that's what I'd like to see in the new PowerBook. Oh, wait.
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by Treza on Wed 21st Jun 2006 07:34 UTC
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Well, you actually realise that transistors are also used outside of PC chips ?

Operating integrated circuits ( not digital circuits ) at these frequencies can have many interesting applications for communications ( thus the comparison with phones is valid ). At these frequencies, radio waves approach infrared light frequencies, it is no wonder that some military applications are expected ( :-( )

So far, these frequencies where only acheivable with vacuum tube devices.

Well, that article is basically off topic for OSNews.

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