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Windows Counterfeiters aren't Microsoft's only opponents in its effort to combat piracy: Some of its customers are against it, too. The company is forging ahead with a program, Windows Genuine Advantage, tied to its free software downloads and updates, that checks whether the Windows installation on a PC is pirated. But some people, including some who say they own a legitimately acquired copy of Windows, have challenged the need for such validation.
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dislike of software protection schemes
by Gadrel on Wed 21st Jun 2006 13:09 UTC
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it seems pirates can always find a way around protection - meanwhile, those of us with legit copies have to put up with annoyances. especially with windows, there are so many annoyances already...MS should be looking to make things as simple/clean/friendly to use as possible - and definately should not tie security updates to their anti-piracy campaign.

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