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Java Sun Microsystems on Wednesday released the second beta of Java 6, the company's next-generation development language targeted at so-called Web 2.0 programmers. Perhaps most enticing for those new to Java, the update adds a framework for supporting popular scripting languages such as PHP.
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RE: Speed Speed
by ratatask on Thu 22nd Jun 2006 08:05 UTC in reply to "Speed Speed"
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Please show your bencmarks.
The benchmarking I did for some of our code showd it is *fast*. About 5 times on average faster equivialent pythin code, and only 10% slower (one routine not withstanding that was twice as slow) than the equivialent C/C++ code (yes it was a mix of C/C++ :-( )

Relative to others Java still is a memory hog, has slow VM startup time,and GUI/Swing (which our benchmarked routines didn't use) feels slow.

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